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nude women over 50Jackie and I had met in scuba class and become pretty good friends over the course of a semester. No I dont have any pics, (Wish I did, but sadly none survived the 10 years since college) Jackies fantasy. She wanted to mature women be raped and asked me if I would be into it.

We had stopped to get a bite to eat and chat some before class. I jokingly agreed and we began talking about all the things she wanted from the experience and what I would do to her if absolutely nothing was off limits. Okay, heads up this is a pretty long story from my crazy college years, and my formatting and grammer may not be on par with better writers but here it is.

I looked at my phone and noticed that it was time to head to class. We had gone out several times and she was always flirty with me after a few drinks and the conversation would always turn sexual. The pool portion was the usual swimming, mask clearing, remove and put gear back on underwater, etcÖ Jackie had worn a really revealing bikini that day that showed off her perfect round ass and beautiful c-cup tits.

The conversation lasted for quite a while and ranged from her wanting to be partially drugged up to me wanting to see her in a mini skirt with a thong and mature nude photos fucking her in the ass. Scuba sexy older woman class was about as fun as it ever was.

Our little chat almost immediately sent sexual when she began telling me about a fantasy she had been wanting to live out for a while. She told me she had only ever used vibrators and dildos for anal before but if she wanted to try it with someone she trusted.

We spent the classroom portion going over dive tables and calculating out dives we want to go on. As I was checking my text messages she opens my car door, kisses me, and shoves something in my face before turning around to leave. When things finally ended and it was time to change back into normal clothing she went out of her way to walk just in front of me and shake her ass with every step she took.

She knew this was a huge turn on to me and I was definitely having a hard time hiding my rock hard 8 inch tent pole. It was her red thong, wrapped in a piece of paper with a key taped to it and a note on it. After class I went to my car and started the mental process of getting ready for a long night shift at work. I was still trying to process all of that when I went to look at what she had put in my face.

She was acting even flirtier than usual rubbing against me bumping into me and just being really slutty. The following text conversation took place. Me: 5am Her: Sounds good, dont knock, dont wake me up first, just walk in and do whatever you want, do not be gentle. Wear something slutty. Her: When do you get off work? The clock at work seemed to tick a little slower than usual that night, me being completely distractedfrom what I was doing.

Choke me, slap my ass, pull my hair, abuse me, whatever you want to do. As she walks away she hikes up her sun dress to reveal a lack of underwear. I got to work just in the nick of time, my head still going crazy from the days events. Around Midnight I received 3 text messages, my first thought as I was opening my phone was that she was going to change her mind, but I was pleasantly surprised.

When I left I stopped by and snagged a snack and started driving to her apartment. If you want to call it off text me and let me know. " During lunch the boss approached me and asked if I was willing to leave around 2:30 3:00 as I had a little too much over time and needed to shave it off. I quickly agreed to leaving at 2:30. I grabbed the key and went to her apartment door.

The first message was a picture of her wearing a saucy piece on lingerie and hoses, the next was her bent over blowing a kiss into the mirror, the third was a message that was read "Just a little something to make you hard XOXO your slut. The note simply read "Rape me, safe word is taco, the word stop is meaningless, absolutely nothing is off limits, XOXO your slut".

When I slid the key into the lock and opened the door I was careful to keep as quiet as possible. I pulled into her apartment complex and checked my phone one last time to see if she decided to call it off. After I was completely stripped down I slowly walked up to her and taking one last deep breath I turned her over, placed my hand over her mouth, she was startled somewhere between conscious and sleep.

I stood there for a second admiring the view, there she was wearing nothing but a thong, her perfect little ass barely covered by the thin sheet. My mind was going twice as fast as the car just thinking of everything that was about to transpire.

Slipping out of my clothes I noticed there was a bottle of whiskey and sleeping pills next to her night stand laying next to a vibrator, some cuffs, and a scrap of fabric. My heart pounding, my head racing with excitement I took a few breaths and calmed myself down. I told her that if she made any noises I would gag her, she immediately whimpered and I moved her where her head was at the edge free nude mature women of the bed and slapped her in the face with my rock hard cock, before I told her to start sucking.

I grabbed her legs and drug them over to where I was at while she pretended to fight me but with her arms bound behind her back there was little she could do. "Youre already dripping wet, you want this donít you bitch? I placed my hand over her pussy and felt the immense heat and wetness coming from her. I made my way to her room where the door was cracked just a little, the light from the parking lot lamp dimly lit her room, I slid in and noticed she was sleeping.

While she was sucking me I grabbed the cuffs and used them to bind her wrists behind her back before grabbing her hair and forcing all 8 inches of me in her mouth. She took a few deep breaths and muttered "Fuck you".

She began to gag and choke before I took my cock out of her mouth I asked her if there was something she wanted to say, honestly at this point I was giving her a chance to say the safeword. "Damn you have some great tits" I told her as I was relentlessly fucking her. I took her vibrator and slid it into her pussy and had the remote in my hand. I began to play with her tits as I was thrusting.

She immediately went to sucking my cock while I teased her with the intensity control on her vibrator. "Now clean your dirty pussy juices off of my cock" I told her. Once I felt myself about to cum I pulled out and sprayed it all over her stomach and tits. Enjoying the view of that perfect ass of hers in the mirror while she sucked my cock like a possessed woman.

" "Fuck you" she said as she tried to spit on me, at this point I pulled her thong aside and slid my mature women dick into her tight wet pussy. Just enough to get it wet again before I slid her thong to the side and placed the tip of my once again steel erection against her asshole. I slid my cock in with the vibe for a few intensely good strokes.

At this point she was melting and twitching with pleasure. " "Please fuck my ass, please. "Please" I heard her mutter "What was that slut? Her thong holding the vibe in place. I slapped her ass again leaving a bright red handprint on her cheek. "Iíll fuck you where and how I want to fuck you bitch! I want your cum in my ass". Once I was hard again I put her on her knees on the floor with her face on a pillow and ass in the air.

I grabbed her hair and yanked her head up "Dont you understand slut, youre my toy tonight, your body is nothing but a playground to me, I could give a fuck if you enjoy this or not" Talking like this was actually completely out of character for me being a hedonist, I usually prefer mutual pleasure.

I get off getting my partner off, but hey, trying something new is fun I thought to myself. As I did this she inhaled sharply moaning, whimpering, and making nonsensical noises. She let out a muffled scream as I started pounding away at her. She rewarded with screams and moans of pleasure from her.

At this point I slid my dick out of her pussy and placed the tip back on her asshole and began to apply steady pressure. Between her moans and screams, and the feel of the vibe that was still going crazy in her pussy I was in heaven. Just before applying enough pressure for penetration I paused.

While I was going away at her tight ass she tensed up and let out a moan " Harder, please, iím about to cum, harder" I was already fighting cumming myself at this point. Honestly my balls slapping into the vibrator started to hurt a little at this point, but it was a welcome pain.

I asked her if she wanted any tacos "No, donít stop, God no, please dont stop" After that I put a few drops of lube on my tip and slowly but steadily pressed my way in, the feel of the vibrator in her pussy as I slid in was amazing, as I was sliding in I placed a few more drops of lube, I slowly worked my way all the way into her until I felt the vibrator against my balls. A few thrusts into it she screams and goes limp I feel myself about to explode so I give it one last thrust, as deep as I can she lets out another nonsensical mumer and I explode, It felt like I would never quit pouring cum into her now stretched and thoroughly used ass.

I take a moment to hold her close and wrap her in her favorite blanket. " At this I slid my cock back in her pussy alongside the viberator and enjoyed several intentionally slow strokes while she moaned and sighed in ecstasy, my hand across her ass again, another hand print.

After that I mature women slowly began picking up the pace and giving her ass a few more well placed slaps on her ass. " "Okay, I just got the life fucked out of me, iím better than okay. I gave in, grabbed a fist full of hair, pulled it and began to thrust as hard and deep as I could. When she finally comes around and starts talking the first thing she says is "God I have never been fucked like that, Iíve always fantasised about it, but never thought it would ever happen.

I took the vibe controller and cranked it all the way up and ran my fingernails down her back. " "Sure, help me get dressed? At this point I remove the cuffs from her hands, and the vibrator from her pussy ask her if she is okay, her body quivering. A little hungry, my ass hurts, and I doubt I will be able to walk for a while, but Iím better than okay. " "Do you want to go to Cracker Barrel and get food, Itís on me.

We ate and went back to her place to get some sleep. I didnít expect you to be so rough and do all that" "Are you okay? She tossed on a pair of loose gym shorts and a tank top, and we went to get food. I woke up the next afternoon to her riding on top of me. That was the best sex I have ever had. " She kissed me and closed her door. Once all of that was over I went to give her the key back but she stopped me "Keep it.

I want a few repeat visits! All I could do was smile as she told me good morning and buried my face in her tits. " At this point we threw on whatever clothes we could find. Cum stain on her tits, her makeup looked like a mess, her hair a mess.


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I hope yall still read this despite the length, because the background is really crucial and the sex was so amazing I couldnt leave one thing out. I have three parts that Ill release right away if anyone asks. This all happend a two weekends ago. We all have that one high school crush that defines and molds our fantasies as a teenager.

This was one of the best thing Iíve ever experienced in my entire life, not just my sex life. This is a really long one, but I just couldnít leave any of this out. You find yourself wanting what you canít have, and some of us obsess and fantasize about that person for far too long.

Sure, we go through phases and different crushes throughout those awkward, tongue-tied years. I still canít believe it happened. Nearly every girl at my little Catholic school was a rich, white, Republican goody-goody two shoes from the suburbs of Kansas City. For me, this was especially true. All destined for an expensive education and sorority mature women life at some big state university.

We went to a small private high school together, but she never really fit in. Katie didnít fit that mold, and she was a bit of an outcast for it. For me, that crush was Katie. She went and got a really short pixie haircut when she was a junior and was accused of being a lesbian by some of the other girls.

But I think most of us have that one girl or guy who was just out of our league, or that dated a best friend, or that just never seemed attainable. However, the I believe the real reason she wasnít liked from the get go by most of the other girls was that she was gorgeous and different at the same time.

She was fascinated with the Riot Grrl movement, loved punk rock, adored psychedelic music, and would debate you in politics any day of the week. She was an avowed atheist, which sat very poorly with the whole community. She had every guy she came into contact with under her spell.

She definitely had the hipster vibe going on before "hipster" was the annoying and overused term it is today. Politically she was pretty liberal and that again pissed off every girl she came into contact with. His ex-girlfriends and future girlfriends hated her beyond belief. She came in her sophomore year, one of only two new students. She could also be a bitch. Katie even hooked up with our schoolís football captain superstar, the classic high-school center of attention, just because she could.

Not so much an evil-behind-your-back-bitch, but more of a fuck-you-dont-mess-with-me-bitch. And she knew she owned at least half of the school on her first day: the boys. Her perfect pale skin would make any other teenage girl curse Godís name. We usually associate glowing skin with someone who has a tan.

Her frame was the definition of petite and she had a cute little butt on her that hypnotized you when she walked around in her schoolgirl skirt. Her glances flashed the brightest and biggest green eyes you have ever seen, and they were sparked by an attractive intelligence and fire you couldnít ignore. But hers was somehow glowing and also nearly translucent, and I even remember her ripping on a girl for her fake tan.

Youíd drown in them. Weíd have mass on Thursdays, and the stockings would drive me out of my mind. A beautiful pair of pouty lips greeted you with every smile and made your heart melt. She had a small, round face with an elegant little jawline that rested on an even more elegant little neck. She had a pair of tits that were just absurd.

But let me just try to describe her physically in a way that does some justice. On her tiny frame, they looked like a pair from some sort of sexy anime film. She had tiny but elegant little arms and legs that made her look completely powerless, despite her rebel girl demeanor. You know those female cartoon images that people say destroy the self-confidence of little girls everywhere because those proportions are literally impossible?

I am not kidding you, her boobs would qualify as triple DDDs on a girl six inches taller and fifty pounds heavier than her. Youíd have to say they were fake, if she wasnít sixteen years old at the time. Her boobs were just obnoxiously disproportionate to the rest of her body in the absolute best way possible.

Even girls with a nice pair of C cups couldnít give us boys a hint of what was underneath even if they tried. She was a real life version of that. Sandy blonde hair overflowed in waves down her back and chest and was usually a little messy, but was just perfect no matter how she wore it, and the little pixie hair cut she eventually sported separated her from the mundaneness of every other girl I knew at my school.

Occasionally, weíd have days where uniforms didnít apply. Katie was the exception. Retreats, field trips, etc. School uniforms sported blouses that were intentionally baggy and buttoned all the way up. Not even a blouse designed for modesty by a Catholic school could contain her rack. It was on these days she would bust out a little white or yellow tank top, kept on her body by two tiny spaghetti straps, her cleavage looking like it was about to explode from her bra.

Now, Iím sounding pretty voyeuristic at this point. Despite all of these cute and sexy old woman little traits, despite the rebel girl demeanor that separated her from the rest of the girls, there was really only one reason she made every teenage boy within twenty yards short of breath.

We were friends through our love of music and went to see a few concerts together. Even she wore a blouse that wasnít low cut, it didnít matter. Of course, when weíd hang out, Iíd fantasize about her constantly and the thoughts just built up after years and years. But we were actually friends and spent a lot of time together, so these details were engraved in me.

We eventually went out on one "date", and I tried to make a move and it ended awkwardly. Fast-forward four years. Her tits would push up and out towards you because they had nowhere else to go. In summary, Katie was the purest definition of busty petite.

Iíve graduated, and weíre both 22 years old. And when I say changed, I mean sheís only gotten more gorgeous. Sheís older now, more elegant, knows who she is, and her hair is long and wavy again. I wasnít the best at talking with girls but certainly not the worst.

I never tried again until I was 22. But one thing hasnít changed. A few months after graduation, I see on her Facebook, message her, and find that she got a job in St. 5í2, tiny as can be, with a rack that is no doubt is responsible for at least a few fender benders.

I get a little twinge of my teenage angst after our conversation, remembering my three year long crush on her in high school. Now, weíve kept in touch but not frequently. And of course, inevitably, all of those horny teenage memories hit me like a truck when I find her in string bikini from a spring break album.

Fuck, Iíd forgotten what a heartbreaker she is. I look through some of her pictures, not sure how Iíll feel. That string bikini is taking a lot of abuse and looks like itís going to pop off any second. That night, brushing my teeth, I recalled my one attempt almost six years ago that ended so damn awkwardly. Shes still the poster child for impossible proportions.

I havenít checked her out actively on Facebook in probably two years though. She sticks out like a sore thumb. Iím not the same person anymore. I could try this one more time with a clean slate. We havenít really hung out in years. Iíll admit, after a little self-reflection, I started feeling a little pathetic. I could make this happen. Then, looking at myself in the mirror, it hits me.

Iíll regret it if I donít. I am a completely different person now. I text her and tell her we should catch up sometime. She agrees and now Iím getting pretty excited. Over the next week, the idea possesses me. Surrounded by all her friends with fresh spray tans and bodies that dont even compare, Katie is a white, transparent ghost in the blazing sun.

I shouldnít be reverting back to my high-school days of obsessing over this one little crush. Iím getting glances I would never have received back in high school, but the overall feel of the conversation is still very platonic.

We meet for coffee two days later, chat, and Iím trying my best to keep it cool, which seems to be working. The flirting hasnít died down, but Iím starting to worry. Weeks go by, and weíre texting regularly and go out to see a old mature women movie once. I text her later that day. I just make something happen.

Iím really bored at home. " Me: "Fuck, marry, kill. " [We both have a weird, fucked up sense of humor] Katie: "Fuck Cheney, marry Lector, kill Hitler. Luckily, I never had to. Jennifer Lawrence, Queen Elizabeth, and me.

" Me: "Good picks lol. More than anything, Iím glad she seems to recognize I look a lot different from the last time hot mature women pics we saw each other three or so years ago. Iím staring at my phone. To get me to admit what sheís known for years? Or am I reading way too much into it?

Hitler, Dick Cheney, Hannibal Lector. It always seems so hit and miss. With any other girl, I would respond immediately and assume shes hinting at sex with me. That I want to fuck her brains out? " An agonizing six minutes passes before I get a response. But if the sex blew my mind, Iíd kill Lawrence and marry you instead.

Why would she put herself in the mix? All those years of fantasizing and those sparse moments of embarrassing rejection have me running in circles. Me: "Iíd marry Jennifer Lawrence, kill queen Elizabeth, and fuck you. " I canít believe this conversation is taking place. But first Iíll make her admit sheís interested.

Katie: "Good answer haha. What could I do to blow your mind? Iím into some pretty kinky stuff. Maybe our preferences will match up haha. I donít get embarrassed about that stuff. Sheís asking what I like in bed. I decide to go all out and be honest and graphic to get her imagine going.

I always love to talk dirty, spank, pull hair, choke, bite, all that sort of stuff. Iím not usually into the vanilla, lovey dovey sort of sex. I love giving orders and just taking control. " Katie: "Uhhhh yeah it sounds like youíre a little more kinky than me but Iíve never had many guys who were into that anyway lol.

" Me: "Haha fair enough. Definitely donít mind a guy who takes control. I love to be in control, dominate, pin a girl down and make her beg. That message quite literally took me from half-mast to one of the most furious erections in my life in maybe twenty seconds. Doing that so much I got used to it and then started loving it so yeah guys are always surprised by that lol" This conversation had already given me a slight boner.

So what are you into that most guys would be surprised about? Iím sure you donít want to hear about all of that :P" Katie: "Tell me! Talk of toys, sexual communication, our Kinsey scale rating, whatever we felt like.

I finally told her that this conversation was making me pretty horny and that I may need to take a break to relieve some steam. Canít do two things at once. Iím working getting off right now :P" My heart drops out of my chest. I was deathly afraid of getting pregnant in high school so my first boyfriend and I only did anal haha.

After that, things just snowballed and we were talking about all of our fantasies, best ex-partners, favorite little tricks in the bedroom. Without hesitation, without thinking, I take a SnapChat and send it to her that says: "Prove it.

And just like that itís gone. Not a minute later, I get a SnapChat back of her soaked fingers covering her bare pussy from her perspective lying down, her pale skin glowing and her tiny little hips making the perfect hourglass shape. " I didnít even care if the face of curiosity I was making looked sexy in the picture or not.

Now, I obviously felt pretty confident going forward. I told her that this wasnít over, and she agreed. She said she couldnít, but that sheíd be over tomorrow night at 7:00. In fact, I texted her the next day saying I wanted her at my place alone that night. My studio apartment was spotless. I bought lube, and lots of it.

My vinyl collection reorganized and my gramophone turned on and ready for a little music. Then she dropped another bomb on me. I bought a new sex toy, one of those rabbits that stimulates the clit while the ridged dildo spins and vibrates at the same time. The whole interaction was over about ten minutes later when she said her friends were coming over to go out.

I go to the gym sexy middle aged mature women for a light workout a few hours before, get a fresh haircut, by the most expensive razors at Wal-Mart I can find, shaved, brushed my teeth three times, used this new expensive mouth wash, the list went on and on. I had never prepared for a "date" so thoroughly before in my life. Condoms, and some new rope if she was feeling something kinkier.

What if she shows up in sweatpants and a fucking tank-top and Iím sitting hear in my brand new button up and jeans? Everything had to be perfect. She was clearly thinking about me all day too. She had mentioned wanting to try one in one of our talks, and I read the fucking manual and everything.

Doorbell rings, and my fears melt away as she takes off her winter coat. Eye shadow and a healthy dose of makeup highlight her huge green eyes, and her long, sandy blonde hair comes down perfectly straight behind her back and over her chest. And at the end of that day, when the clock hit about 6:30, I was feeling sort of ridiculous.

Sheís wearing a soft gray sundress with a neckline of medium depth that would look fairly modest on any other girl, if her giant chest wasnít trying to escape from the top where the fabric cuts off. Itís at that moment that I realize I have nothing for us to do. We chit-chat, she says she loves my place, I say thank you.

She smiles and says no, thatís okay. I tell her to make herself comfortable and she has a seat on the couch. Do you want to watch a movie? No excuse for my intentions. My heart is now pounding as I stand in the kitchen and she sits on the couch observing my apartment. Would she notice how God damn hard I was trying? One second, two seconds, three seconds.

I realize in that moment, four seconds after that awkward silence, Iím an idiot. I walk over to the couch, she looks up at me with that heartbreaker smile, and I lean over and kiss her. I ask her if she wants some wine. Now Iím transformed back into the awkward, scared, sixteen year old self as the woman Iíve been fantasizing about for years, who Iíve been sexting for weeks, sits ten feet away from me in my empty apartment.

No, not really she says sort of sheepishly. I could only get this far and Iíd be content because I had wanted to do kiss this girl since I was sixteen. She kisses me back, and all the voices in my head just fade away. Iíve never had a girl decide on French kissing ten seconds into making out. Sheís lightly whipping the tip of her tongue on mine, softly licking the inside of my lips.

I scream at every negative, self-doubting thought in my mind to get the fuck out. She sticks a tongue in my mouth and Iím a little shocked at first. But itís not a lusty, dive into your throat French kissing. In all honesty, it was sort of funny to me. After a minute of standing over her and kissing her, I pushed her on her back and came over her, continuing our make out session.

After a few more minutes I ran my hands over her arms and legs and neck ever so slightly, and the kissing got a little more intense. I kissed her elegant little neck as lightly as I could for a minute, then started licking, nibbling, and softly biting it. I mirrored her motions. She was really silent, and I get off to the noises a girl makes during sex, so I was waiting for anything, a sign I was doing the right thing.

Her warm lips are wrapped around mine and her breath speeds up ever so slightly. That little noise sent me into an entirely new frame of mind, my aggressive and dominant side really waking up for the first time. When I finally pulled back up for air, away from her neck and mouth, another wave of realization washed over me. Thereís no other way to describe it: she was a weird kisser.

In that moment, I decided I was going to give this 110%. Now, I had been so focused on my job of warming her up that I had gotten lost in my own little world. Not that I was complaining. Finally, as I lightly sucked on the area right below her earlobe, she gave out the most adorable, but barely audible, moan of pleasure.

She was going to get fucked like she had never been fucked before. More aggressive, more urgent, sticking my tongue into her mouth and letting it swirl with hers. After a moment of this, I grabbed her under her arms and stood her up abruptly. She looked up at me with those big green eyes I had gotten lost in hundreds of times before, her enormous tits now heaving from my attention, and I was just blown away this was happening.

I scooped her up in my arms and sat her up on the couch, going in for another kiss. "Take three steps back. She said she loved being watched. " she asked, confused. In that moment remembered one of our texting sessions. "Take three steps away from me. " I was using a voice that I just canít replicate in everyday life.

A voice totally possessed by lust and desire, one that I only really have control over in these moments. I took a seat on couch, leaving her standing in the middle of the room alone. "Take off that dress," I commanded. " I donít know what exactly possessed me to get her naked like this.

Sort of confused but obviously excited to be ordered around a bit, she did as I said. "Yeah," she replied in a raspy whisper. I didnít want to just pull her dress off over her shoulders like Id do any other girl. As soon as I said the words, her face lit up.

I usually love stripping a girl down myself. Gripping the fabric at her thighs, she slowly peeled it off in one long motion. How many times had I pictured her naked? It wasnt necessarily sultry, like a strip tease. It was just a long, slow reveal. She obviously seemed to like this idea. I wanted to drink her in, on my own time, just watching.

After a few seconds fighting her absurd breasts, the sundress literally pops under the strain and frees her breasts entirely. And then of course she struggled to peel the rest of it past her tits. First thing I get to adore are those slender little legs. I guess they dont make bras for a diaphragm to boob ratio like hers.

As soon as she had the dress over her heard, she even tried to pull the front of her bra up a bit to fix it, but I could still make out the outlines of her nipples areolas peaking over the tops of the black lace. But I think it had something to do with the build up that spanned over years of maddening curiosity. I was going to make this last as long as I could.

The nerves had been replaced by animalistic desire. She immediately reached around to remove it entirely, but I stopped her right away. They were held up by a matching black lace bra that quite literally couldnt handle her breastsÖ about a quarter inch of her areolas protruded from the tops of the cups. " I was just doing whatever I wanted now, doing things my way.

Of hiding erections after every hug. Of surfing Facebook for slutty Halloween pictures. Desire that had sent me into a masturbating frenzy hours after wed go swimming together. Desire that had been the net result of hundreds of hours of sneaking glances down tank tops.

Confused but still allowing me to take the lead, she dropped her arms to her sides. Desire that had built up and reached its climax when she sheepishly rejected my first attempt to kiss her. I took my foot and pushed my wooden coffee table across the hardwood floor right next to her.

She obeyed, standing over me, looking down, stripped right down to her panties and bra. Or failing to hide erections during a hug. Then a lacy black thong encircling her small but shapely hips, a pierced bellybutton and a toned stomach, just on the brink of lady abs. "Turn around," I said. The back of her thong was thinner than a shoelace.

"Come here," I motioned to the spot directly in front of me where the coffee table had been. I was giving her orders, but she knew who had the real power. I handed her a pillow. A thought that crossed my mind: she probably had the most under appreciated ass on the planet with those tits taking up all the attention. Iíd have to change that tonight.

[Handing her the pillow. Now peel those panties off slowly. My commands alone were shortening her breath. I drank the site of her in and I could tell my expression alone was turning her on. Her tight little ass was now three feet from my face, and I resisted the urge to bury myself in it.

" To my immense satisfaction, this exhibition without physical contact was clearly driving her wild. She got on her knees, rested her chest on the pillow and reached around with both hands to slide off her panties. Her tight little asshole was so clean and cute and it just begged to be played with. "Bend over on that coffee table. I, a man who had never rimmed a woman before in my life, knew instantly that that was about to change tonight.

She looked so smooth and soft. Now fully engaged in this game, she really took her time. She must have given this night some thought, because I know the different between a shave and a full on bikini wax. Maybe an inch came down every five seconds, but it felt like a thousand.

"Katie, spread your pussy for me," I said in my now raspy, strained voice. When she finally got to her pussy, the lace took with it a sticky little streak of cum and she was already soaked. My dick was starting to hurt under the strain of my jeans. I was going to take my time with this game of striptease.

Spread your lips as wide as you can. " Then the first words came out of her mouth since I had kissed her. God, youíre already soaked. With her pussy gaping open and with full knowledge that I was drinking in the site of her little hole, she said: "Mmmm. No real dirty talk, just a moan and a whimpered "fuck".

I leaned over and, without warning, literally as lightly as I could, pressed my warm tongue to her perineum. I then took one of her soaked outer lips in between my lips and sucked gently for a few seconds before letting go. She squirmed with pleasure, pushing her ass as high she could and arching her back so much it looked like it should hurt, hoping Iíd go in for some more.

I would make this evening last forever if I could. Her pussy itself was tiny, but she had long, pink labia that dripped with her juices. " crushingonthroways [3 comments] Iím not done watching you strip. She shuddered with surprise, as I slowly and gently ran my tongue up and down the length of her perineum. But of course I didnít.

It didnít seem right to lick her pussy yet.